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Hot Rolled Steel Coils

Hot Rolled Steel Coils China manufacturer&exporter used in welding and boiler making, hot rolled steel is ideal to construct materials such as railroad tracks and l-beams. Another advantage of hot rolled steel is that the surface finish of the product is not an issue. Offering incomparably the best value. All cutting work could entail a ‘slit then shear’ method.

Hot Rolled Steel Coils Grades:Q355NH、Q235NH、NM500、NM400、2205、321、316L、304、201、12Cr1MoV、15CrMo、Q355R、Q355B

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Hot rolled steel coils manufacturer&exporter slabs (mainly continuous casting slabs) as raw materials, and after heating, they are made into strip steel by rough rolling units and finishing rolling units. The hot steel strip coming out of the last rolling mill of finishing rolling is cooled to the set temperature by laminar flow, and rolled into steel strip coils by the coiler. The cooled steel strip coils undergo different finishing operations according to different needs of users. Wire (leveling, straightening, cross-cutting or slitting, inspection, weighing, packaging and marking, etc.) processed into steel plate, flat coil and slitting steel strip products. Due to the high strength, good toughness, easy processing and good weldability of hot-rolled steel products, they are widely used in manufacturing industries such as ships, automobiles, bridges, construction, machinery, and pressure vessels.

With the increasing maturity of new technologies for controlling hot-rolled dimensional accuracy, plate shape, and surface quality, and the continuous emergence of new products, hot-rolled steel sheets and strip products have been more and more widely used and have become more and more powerful in the market. competitiveness.

Hot rolled products have excellent properties such as high strength, good toughness, easy processing and good weldability, so they are widely used in manufacturing industries such as machinery, construction, machinery, boilers, and pressure vessels.


  • After annealing, it is processed into ordinary cold rolling;
  • The galvanizing unit with pre-annealing treatment device processes galvanizing;
  • Panels that basically do not require processing.
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