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High Manganese Steel Plate

Mn13 high manganese steel is the best choice for wear-resistant materials such as strong impact and high pressure material wear, this steel plate has other wear-resistant materials incomparable work hardening characteristics, under the action of larger impact load or large contact stress, the surface of the steel plate produces work hardening, thereby producing a high wear-resistant surface layer, while the inner austenite of the steel plate still maintains good impact toughness.

Standards: national standard (GB/T5680-2010), American standard (ASTMA128/A128M-1993), Japanese standard (JISG5131 (1991)).

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Features of the use of MN13:

  1. The greater the negative pressure of external impact on Mn13, the higher the wear resistance of the surface of the steel plate itself;
  2. However, with the gradual wear of the steel plate hardening layer in use, a new work hardening layer will be continuously formed during its use.
  3. Mn13 rolled steel plate has excellent wear resistance to strong impact wear and large stress wear, and will not be broken during use, and unlike other wear-resistant steel plates, it has easy to cut, weld, bend and other easy machining properties. Traditionally used high-chromium cast iron only has good wear resistance to mobile wear.
  4. Mn13 rolled steel plate can effectively reduce the cost of equipment wearing parts and save equipment maintenance costs, thereby improving the competitiveness of finished products.

Mn13 Chemical composition (elemental composition: wt%):

High manganese steel plate (4)

Application and use of MN13:

Mn13 high manganese high manganese wear-resistant steel plate has been widely used in mechanical equipment wear-resistant lining plate and other parts that are easy to be affected and worn. The liner and protective plate of foreign wear-resistant machinery have long been eliminated in casting manufacturing, and the rolled steel plate of high manganese wear-resistant steel Mn13 is recently used. High manganese wear-resistant steel Mn13 rolled steel plate with its excellent wear resistance, ultra-high cost performance and is widely used in shot blasting machines, power plant fan grinding blades, ball mills, crushers, safes, bulletproof vehicles and other parts that are easy to be worn by strong impact wear, has been widely recognized and applied in shipbuilding, automobiles, machinery, power generation, cement, mining, coal and other enterprises, high-end users have been widely recognized and applied, Mn13 has become the first choice of a new generation of wear-resistant steel materials.

Until now, many new materials and modern surface engineering technologies cannot be compared with Mn13 high manganese wear resistant steel in terms of cost performance.

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